Adopt-A-Basket 2012
As we’re beginning to get a taste of warm weather, yet another indication that summer is just around the corner. It is time once again for our annual Adopt A Basket Campaign that began three years ago to beautify our city business districts and benefit our entire community. The Adopt A Basket Campaign will allow us to purchase 40 hanging flower baskets and whiskey barrels for both sides of Milton and have them adequately maintained. This year we have again contracted with Kathy Hoffman from Jenka Blossoms for this purpose.
Kathy, from Jenka Blossoms, worked with Milton last year for the beautiful hanging baskets. “The hanging baskets are grown in our greenhouses, using the ‘grow-together technique.’ 
Comments from last year’s hanging basket community beautification program, reiterated how gorgeous the plants were and how much of an enhancement it was to the community. We want people to continually take notice see the Milton area as beautiful and appealing. And beautification projects like this encourage people to make return trips to the community, which is what we all want as business and community members in Milton. What it adds to Milton in the summer is priceless! Let’s all work together and continue this great program! 
The adopt a basket campaign will allow us pay for the hanging baskets and hire someone to water and maintain them on a daily basis from Memorial Day Weekend thru Labor Day Weekend. We are requesting basket donations of $95.00, which includes the flowers, materials, and complete maintenance of watering and fertilizing. Any donation you would like to contribute towards this project would be greatly appreciated. 
 Thank you a Generous Grant from the Milton Community Fund for helping to allow us to continue the Adopt-A-Basket Program in 2012!

We need your participation in order to make this happen. Be a part of making Milton a great memory…..

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