Milton Area Chamber of Commerce
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608.868.6222 join today!


The Milton Area Chamber of Commerce’s MAP Program consists of 10-15 Ambassadors that represent 10-13 businesses each. Ambassadors are encouraged to introduce themselves to the members and frequently share information with these businesses regarding upcoming events, training, seminars, networking sessions, or any opportunities that would provide value to their membership.


The Shining Star Grant Program has been developed to help families in need. We all need a Shining Star when disaster strikes!
The program allows for community members to nominate friends, families, or neighbors who are in need of a helping hand, be it from fire, flooding, or other extreme circumstances
Shining Star Grant Program
Mission Statement Enriching the Milton community where we work and play by giving back and conveying a ray of light to those experiencing hardship. To transform the Milton Community by inspiring and uplifting individuals and families throughout Milton!


Do you know of someone who needs a "Shining Star"? Download and fill out the nomination form here.


You can get involved by donating to the Shining Star program Learn how here!