Highway 26 Banner
The Highway 26 Banner is a great source of advertising for your event, company or product.  This is a high traffic location, which is viewed by over 15,000 vehicles daily.  Banners are hung on display in seven day increments (from Monday to Monday).

Banner requests are considered on a first-come-first-serve basis. Payment must be made at the time of reservation. Contact MACCIT at 868-6222 for reservation availability and other questions.A banner will hang on display for seven days (from Monday to Monday). For an additional fee, the banner can be displayed for a second week.

General Guidelines:
Banners can be picked up and dropped off at MACCIT. Please call 868-6222 between 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday, to coordinate the pick-up/drop-off.
Banners ready for display must be dropped off at MACCIT no later than 4:30 pm on the Friday before it is displayed.
We will not hang banners with messages or sponsors involving political campaigns, tobacco, and/or alcohol products. MACCIT reserves the right to deny the display of any banner based on the message it includes.

The two options for providing a banner include:
Renting and Painting a MACCIT Banner:
MACCIT has two canvas banners available to rent. They are rented for 3-4 weeks: 2 weeks to paint, and 1-2 weeks to have the banner on display over Highway 26.
The renter is responsible for painting over the previous message (using white outdoor latex paint) and then painting their own message on the banner (using outdoor latex paint). Both sides of the banner must be painted with your message. Be sure that the banner is orientated correctly so that the top is the same on both sides (HINT: the long edge with the grommets is the top side).
Painted messages must be professional in nature and appearance. If a professional firm is not used for painting the banner, special care must be taken when painting to assure a clean and professional appearance. Lettering should be large enough to be easily read from a moving vehicle.

Supplying Your Own Banner:
Custom banners must meet the specifications on the reverse of this page.
If you supply your own banner, please pick it up within 2 weeks after it was on display. MACCIT will not be responsible for banners if not picked up after that time.
If you need to order a banner or have one painted for you, these are a few possible companies. However, others may be found in the yellow pages:
Print Max – (608) 868-5302
Babcock Signs – (608) 754-1907
Blackhawk Graphics – (262) 473-7777
Northrop Awning Company – (608) 754-7158
Sassy Shirts – (262) 473-7673
Signitarium – (262 )642-4888
Sullivan Signs – (608) 752-1619

Traffic Counts from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is 15,000 Average Daily Vehicles.

  Members Non-Members
One Week


Two Weeks $155 $185
Rental Fee $30 $50

Fees are non-refundable.

Click here for the Highway 26 Banner Application.


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