What is MACCIT Money?
MACCIT Money is a gift check, created by the Milton Area Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Tourism which can be used at over 150 locations in the Milton area.
MACCIT Money Recipients
Why Should I Buy MACCIT Money?
Unlike traditional gift certificates, MACCIT Money can be redeemed at over 150 local businesses, for whatever the recipient of this great gift desires. Also MACCIT money is purchased without a fee - unlike many other gift certificate programs
Where Can I Use MACCIT Money?
MACCIT Money can be redeemed at MACCIT member businesses. You can use them at local restaurants, auto part stores, and service centers, local animal clinics, retail stores, hair salons, chiropractic offices, and more! MACCIT money can be used at any of our MACCIT member businesses (visit our website for a full membership directory).
How Do I Redeem MACCIT Money?
MACCIT Money works the same as a personal check. Your MACCIT Money should have been signed and dated by an authorized MACCIT signer. To redeem, simply write the name of the MACCIT Member on the “To” line.
 *Vendors are NOT required to give change for MACCIT Money, MACCIT Money cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
Where Do I Get MACCIT Money?
MACCIT money can be purchased in $10.00 increments at the MACCIT office located at the 508 Campus St., Suite 3, Milton, WI 53563.
MACCIT Money Merchants
Why should I participate with the MACCIT Money program?
MACCIT Money is a gift check, created by the Milton Area Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Tourism to encourage local shopping which, in turn, strengthens our economy and supports business growth. Members will be listed as recipients on the MACCIT Money information, so your business will gain additional exposure.
How Do I Deposit MACCIT Money?

Treat MACCIT Money like regular checks. Please make sure that all employees who handle money are well informed of the program and do not turn away customers who bring in MACCIT Money. After acceptance, deposit the check, just like any other check, into your bank account. Your account will be credited in the amount of the MACCIT Money. Businesses that are not MACCIT members may not participate in the MACCIT Money program. 

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